Summer Holidays

Sure is great to be on holiday, just got all my quilts finished for the Festival of Quilts last week, major last minute rush as usual but got there in the end. Setting deadlines is the only way I can get work finished!! And it was great to get a run at them, being able to sew all day is bliss.
This is the back of the Skull quilt, all foundation pieced and loads of little pieces to join, all went together very well only one or two bits needed tweaking !!

Decided to add celtic band on border. This piece was inspired by a day of the dead project that didn't happen but loads of research was done and decided to make it a tribute to Lee Mc Queen, my favourite designer. ( Savage Beauty exhibit opening in V&A, spring 2015. Can't wait, reminds me I should book)

Six strands woven together, got into the rhythm of it after awhile and didn't take as long as I expected.

Finished piece before pressing and binding, very happy.
Have design for the next skull quilt in mind ( gotta work in series, one is never enough!!)
Just promised myself I would finish a load of ufo's first, well at least three.


  1. The skull quilt looks really cool. Crikey you got a lot of work done on it over the past few weeks.


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