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2020 Journal Quilts part 1

Signing up to a challenge with deadlines is one of the only ways I know to finish work.
This will be only my third time signing up to the Quilters Guild of the British Isles Contemporary Group's Journal quilt challenge and I'm a third of the way done already, yeah.

The three deadlines through the year give me enough time to work on the small pieces and I love getting the chance to play with quilting on my domestic machines as well as trying out new ideas and techniques on a small scale.

The size this year is nine inches square and something in each piece had to have had a previous life. One of the things I love about these Journal Quilts is that you can choose your own theme and just have fun.

My theme was Travel Memories and I wanted to use up anything I could find around my studio. The backgrounds and backings are gifted pieces of white linen from Janr O'Mahony, I have no idea what their original use or intended use was!

Wadding is leftover scraps, the photo transfer sh…

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