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Solus Quilt

 I've wanted to make a quilt of my daughter and myself for several years and finally got around to it during lockdown last summer. We had great fun taking and selecting a selfie to use. I did some playing around in Photoshop and sent it off to the printers.  It's a whole cloth quilt, layered in the traditional way, and then densely quilted along the outlines Solus is the tilte of the piece and is the Irish word for light, and this wee beauty is one of the two lights that keep me going and brighten my world, every day. Solus 31.5 x 108 cm detail of Solus This pink version was my first attempt using this image and was printed in sections on my A4 printer and assembled for a CQ Contemporary Quilt exhibition "Fragmentation" Click on the title below to see the whole exhibition on the Quilters Guild of the British Isles website.  I was very annoyed at the obvious joins in the piece and that's why I decided to do a whole cloth version, I do like the colours though.    

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